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Reverse Aging Yoga at Yoga Clinic

Reverse Aging Yoga (Personal Training)

A practice of Hot yoga and Oxygen therapy

  • 2 hours 30 minutes
  • 295 Bulgarian leva
  • Yoga Clinic

Service Description

Experience the ultimate V.I.P. yoga practice with yoga clinic’s Reverse Aging Yoga. This exclusive private session is almost 2 to 3 hours long, and includes a hot room, massage, and oxygen combination that can turn back the clock on aging. With regular practice, you can look and feel like you're 35, even if you're 70, in just 6 months. Book a pack of yoga sessions for 3 to 6 months for a discounted rate and start feeling younger today. Features : ✧ Non-invasive and painless treatment, relaxing and comfort; ✧ Treat sports injuries and allow injured athletes to recover faster and reduce the risk of re-injury; ✧ The soft cabin can be folded for easy portability; ✧ Transparent window for easy observation; ✧ Medical TPU high-strength pressure-resistant nano-material, environmentally friendly and tasteless; ✧ The oxygen concentration is stable, and the blood oxygen saturation increases rapidly; ✧ Pure oxygen to stimulate the natural healing process; ✧ The simultaneous operation of pressurization and oxygen is more efficient. Beauty & wellness: HBOT helps rejuvenate your skin. During a hyperbaric oxygen therapy session inside a pressurized chamber, the body receives pure oxygen at higher atmospheric pressure to boost the flow of oxygen into the circulatory systems; ✧ Sports: HBOT for professional sports has become one of the most effective methods for athlete recovery. Supplementing oxygen intake at higher atmospheric pressure inside a hyperbaric chamber is know to naturally accelerate healing times to treat sports injuries and allow injured athletes to recover faster and reduce the risk of re-injury; ✧ Wounds and burns: healing wounds need oxygen to heal naturally and hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been successfully used as complementary therapy for wound healing. Used as complementary treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help decrease mortality and reduce the need for surgery for mild to severely burned patients; ✧ Anti-aging: hyperbaric oxygen therapy for elderly patients inside the hyperbaric chamber, a patient will absorb oxygen close to four times the normal breathing conditions. Oxygen controls most of the body's processes, including the immune system. Lack of oxygen can lead to a vulnerable immune response, increased fatigue and eventually hypoxia.

Cancellation Policy

We are strongly committed to managing the luxurious environment in our yoga services and yoga studio. To maintain this luxurious system to work properly, our clients also have to understand and agree with the discipline of yoga studio. We are able to accept one-week advance bookings and no later than 1.00 hours before the yoga session through the app. So if anyone wishes to book the late appointment, they have to call by phone or be present in person 5 minutes before the class. If there is an available seat, then there will be a lot accordingly. Class cancellation is allowed 1.30 hours before the class, and after that, the client has to pay for the cancellation. Yoga studios have to manage classes according to the demands of clients. Hot yoga: If there is only 1 person booking on the app for hot yoga, then class will be at the normal temperature. Very Important : Please carry your own yoga mat or yoga towel, water and towel for your practice. Reading this policy, everyone has to agree with the policy of the Yoga Clinic. Special Note: Payments of all memberships including Private sessions and group classes are completely non-refundable. By signing up with us and completing the payment all are agree with the policies of Yoga Clinic.

Contact Details

  • ul. "Maystor Pavel ot Krimin" 26, 1618 Manastirski Livadi, Sofia, Bulgaria


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